Hey guys,

I am adding some subtitles to some divx video, I made the subtitles in subtitle edit (srt), cleaned them up and formatted them in subtitlecreator (idx/sub), and then used Avi2Sub to embed the subtitles into the avi/divx file.

My destination system is the PS3 which I believe is fully divx certified (at least for "old" divx), the thing is - the video plays fine, and you can toggle subtitles on and off without problems, but I was wondering if there are any methods for making the subtitles "forced" or "default", so that they do not need to be manually turned on every time?

I ran across a concept called "forced subtitles" from the DVD era, which is for things like alien languages, and minor stuff that isn't expected to need subtitles throughout the whole movie - this is stuff that gets displayed rain or shine, even if normal subtitles are turned off. I was wondering if there's an equivalent for that when it comes to avi/divx files - and if so, how can I flag all of my subtitles as "forced"?

There's just one subtitle track and ideally I'd really never have a reason to turn it off, if I can turn it off that would be nice, but I just want it to play with subtitles enabled by default.

I know the ps3 is old news nowadays, but technically if there's a method that works for "divx players" whatever those may be, then it should also work for the ps3. So you don't need to know anything about a ps3 to be able to offer advice.

For info: Mediainfo says I've got a MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 5) (Simple@L1) file.

Thanks in advance if anyone reads this!