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  1. Hallo,

    I made a subtitle file in ass style, with two used fonts. When I preview the subtitle, the preview window looks great, but when I export the ass to Blu-Ray sub or XML/PNG all the pictures use the 1. font in my style list "Eurostile". When I change during one subtitle string the fontname, the preview is ok, but the exported picture shows the complete subtitle image in "Eurostile" and not in "Eurostile and Eurostile Black".Can someone help me what is going wrong here?

    Also in the Export Review I see that the "Eurostile Black" font is not used. Everything is rendered in "EuroStile" normal.
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  2. If your ASS file is heavily stylized, with effects, and needs to be properly converted to Blu-ray SUP, you may want to use ass2bdnxml+SUPer over SubtitleEdit.
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  3. Hi I did this before. I export them as XML/PNG, than imported them, check the positions of the subs. Everthing ok, export as sub.
    The positions are gone and Subtitel Edit didn't take the fonts in the right way.

    The problem is, that SE takes the rights fonts in the preview, but when it came to export the fonts that must be used are gone. Only the first stile font is used and not the sensond one on some subs (see screenshot).
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  4. If this is a regression, report it on github, or use an older SubtitleEdit version.

    If this has always been an issue, use another software, like the ones I recommended.
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