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  1. Often mp4 or other video files will come with built-in (not hardcoded!) subtitle options that the user can toggle.

    I have an srt.

    I have an mp4.

    I can manually load the srt to the mp4 on a single playing instance.

    How do I combine the two so that the mp4 will contain the subtitles without a separate srt?

    I am not trying to re-encode with burned-in subtitles.
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  2. Use clever Ffmpeg-GUI to mux your srt to the mp4 video.
    Load your mp4, click main, click multiplex, drag & drop the srt file into the grid, select mp4 as container and click multiplex.
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  3. Depends on system, and a player but i.e. most PC players and TV sets display separate subtitles if it filename is the same as the video.
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  4. Brilliant. Mux appreciated.
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