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  1. I am trying to codify to constant quality by limiting the Max Bitrate.

    On Hanbrake I tried to put the parameter by hand "Maxrate = 10000000" and works.

    If I try to do the same thing with Staxrip it does not work (I tried both the parameter prepared max-bitrate and Maxrate by hand).

    I tried to contact the developer Rigaya and told me that for QCP it is not possible set maxrate.

    I'm using H265 NVENC in both. Can anyone explain to me why they behave differently? Do they use different library? Why on hanbrake is possible?
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  2. The answer is a bit involved, Handbrake uses FFMPEG, and ICQ, Intelligent Constant Quality, which is similar to CRF.

    Staxrip uses QSVEncC, which supports ICQ and CQP, which is not compatible with max-rate.
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  3. I was moving to staxrip given the possibility of having great control over the parameters but should I change my mind?

    In your opinion, should I abandon staxrip to work on handbrake and have more control or is it possible to do the same thing with staxrip (using a hw coder)?
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  4. Staxrip has way more options, you can use ffmpeg if you choose or qsvencc.

    For pure encoding, I tend to favor ffmpeg from the command line then Hybrid, because it has a lot of options and is cross platform, then FastFlix because it's cross platform, then Staxrip, and Handbrake brings up the rear.

    You can manually add options to the basic HB encode but since it's based on ffmpeg, I prefer to just go straight to the command line.

    I think that for most people they would probably be best served with Hybrid, while I have been critical of the GUI design and think it needs to be refined, it does make it relatively easy for even the casual encoding enthusiast to explore and utilize various encoding options.
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  5. Ok I will try your precious suggestions. Now I'm trying on Staxrip Ffmpeg with the NVENCC H265 and with the first results I am very satisfied.

    [Attachment 78110 - Click to enlarge]

    First I used the AQ 0 to consider a little grain . Fast help?
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  6. I made one mistake with regards to the encoding modes supported by Handbrake with NVENC.

    NVENC does not support ICQ, I was thinking of QSV, which supports both ICQ and CQP.

    Here is some good NVENC info to help you:
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  7. Thank you very much, I'm doing some tests. For the moment I am very satisfied
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