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  1. Hi,

    Is there, anywhere ,any kind of help/guide/how-to/documentation for the VobSub suite of programs
    (i.e. the program available here: ?
    I've just installed v.2.23 and there's no kind of text/html file in there, or a link to a website.
    The domain for the homepage under Resync -> About is currently up for sale.
    I've tried searching this forum, but unfortunately 'Vobsub' and 'Resync' are very common terms.

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  2. Have you checked the "Guides and How to's" toward the bottom of the VideoHelp page?
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  3. Thanks for the suggestion Moralez, but that's the first place I looked.

    The frst link (VobSub video tutorials) is just a YouTube search for the word 'VobSub' - you can imagine how relevant those results are.
    In fact you don't have to imagine - because I'll tell you - the first hit is a music video by a band called VobSub.

    The only link under 'View all guides with guide description here' is a short explanation of how to associate and use an .srt file with a video.

    I just thought that if someone went to the trouble of creating, testing and releasing this software then they must also have written some kind of documentation for it.
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  4. OK, turns out there was somewhere I should have looked before the first place I looked.

    In the 'Vobsub dir' installed with the software is a subfolder 'Docs'
    and in there are lots of text files.

    Case closed.
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    I found this in my old bookmarks.
    Last updated Dec, 2005. The link still works.
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