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  1. Which of the following do you recommend for best quality tv viewing and capture? I will be capturing to avi and mpg, and eventulay mpg2.

    ATI All-in-Wonder 128
    ATI TV Wonder
    Hauppage WinTV
    Cheap TV tuner with BT878 chipset (STB or other)

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  2. I was also wondering about the pinnacle systems studio pctv or the pinnacle dc10 plus.
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  3. I bought and used an ATI128pro-32mb to watch a bit of TV,
    and most capture to mpeg3 -> SVCD. I also play quake, and unreal on it.
    It work good for $99 AGP all in one.

    Even it does TV but I rather watch a Sony TV, then a Sony monitor.
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    Personally, I use an STB Tv Pci (not the model with the FM tuner) (circa 1996) with great results. It has the Bt848 chipset, composite in, Svideo in, audio in (which you can pass through to a soundcard) as well as the standard tv tuner (coax in.) The highest resolution that I was able to get this card to capture at is 480x480 but I've heard that it can capture higher.

    I recently bought a Cybermail AV and hated it. Win2K drivers didn't work and there was a lot of video noise during the capture so I would stay away from that.

    For the STB TV Pci there are Win98 drivers as well as generic WDM drivers for this card.
    I have been able to run virtualdub (with the VxD drivers) and PowerVCDII (with the generic WDM drivers.) You can get the STB TV pci off of ebay for like $15. If you are looking for a cheap but reliable capture card I would the STB TV pci. It's old but it does the job and does it well!
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