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  1. I'm trying to replace 18 bad frames in a HuffYUV AVI file which is captured VHS footage. I have clean frames in another HuffYUV AVI file, so I saved an image sequence as BMP files from that AVI. I've already stripped the audio out of the AVI file so I'm just working with video here.

    I thought this would be easy using an AviSynth script, but I keep getting this error:

    Avisynth open failure:
    ImageReader: EBMP reader cannot handle compressed images.
    (C:\temp\vdubscript.avs, line 2)

    I'm guessing this is due to my BMP files being from a HuffYUV file. Surely AviSynth can read HuffYUV files?

    For reference, here's my script:

    A=AVISource("I:\Jars Box\temp.avi",False).ConvertToYUY2().AssumeFPS(29. 9700)
    B1=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0000.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B2=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0001.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B3=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0002.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B4=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0003.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B5=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0004.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B6=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0005.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B7=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0006.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B8=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0007.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B9=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0008.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B10=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0009.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B11=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0010.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B12=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0011.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B13=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0012.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B14=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0013.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B15=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0014.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B16=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0015.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B17=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0016.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    B18=ImageSource("C:\temp\frames0017.bmp",fps = 29.9700,End=0).ConvertToYUY2()
    C+B1+B2+b3+b4+b5+b6+b7+b8+b9+b10+b11+b12+b13+b14+b 15+b16+b17+b18+D
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  2. My guess would be you didn't save the bmp's correctly. Can you open them in an image viewer ?

    But there is no reason to use images in your case, you can use 2 huffyuv files in AVI

    You can trim the frame range of the 2nd huffyuv file in the script if you needed to . If it was the same frames as "A" , then add .Trim(4038,4054) to the 2nd line
    A=AVISource("I:\Jars Box\temp.avi",False).ConvertToYUY2().AssumeFPS(29.9700)
    B=AVISource("otherhuffyfile.avi", false).ConvertToYUY2().AssumeFPS(29.9700)
    A.Trim(0,4037) ++ B ++ A.Trim(4055,0)
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  3. Thanks for the ideas pdr. I ended up recapturing the source footage and after playing through the tape a few times was able to get it without the glitches.
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