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  1. Hi

    iam trying to demultiplex the audio (ac3) from a divX video with virtualdub as it is said above. but the size of the output file is only 1k. same with nandub. the video plays fine with sound

    could sb help me plz?

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  2. Originally Posted by cyberdemon
    i have been trying to extract this ac3 audio for a few days now. when i try to extract it with virtual dub it breefly displays the prograss window and results in a 1k file. so i tried the namdub version and i got an error saying that there was no audio to extract. this file plays perfectly with my media player with audio. any help is greatly appreciated
    Use VirtualDub_AC3 to extract the ac3.
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  3. Stinky I love u !!!!!!! Ok well nearly

    4 hours later having utilised ever god damn ac3 converter but to no avail. Your original method is the only thing that worked. I'm gonna sleep well tonight...........
    p.s. Damn those smart arse xvid AC3 weilding maniacs
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  4. Does anyone have a ZIP file (or can anyone make it from those files) of headac3he-0.23a.rar, I can't open the RAR.
    Please mail it, the file isn't big i think, not 1 mb I hope so..

    Thanks in advance!
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  5. Thanks for the above guide I have been scratching my head over this one for over a week. I still have a problem, the film I have is in two Avi files. I joined the two in VirtualDub 1.4.12 extracted the audio and used HeadAC3he to convert to wav. However it craps out at the point the two have been joined. So I extracted the audio from both files separately and converted to wav’s with HeadAC3he. I joined the two wav’s with Nero’s wav editing prog. I have converted the video with TMPGEnc Plus v2.59.47.155 to mpeg2 using the DVD template (trying to make a DVD). When I try to multiplex the Mpeg2 Video to the audio wav file using TMPGenc tools I get the following “multiplexing linear PCM stream to system stream is not supported”. Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong or know away around this?

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  6. Well I've been having problems as well - both aviwav33 and VirtualDub were taking the audio off my DivX avis ok, but nothing could seem to save the AC3 audio files as normal Windows wav files.

    Then I read the above posts and used Nero Wave Editor and it did it perfectly. Thanks to all for the info. Now can make decent VCDs of them....

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  7. I have been trying all of these, and i cant seem to get it to work!
    but the problem lies in the virtualdub > direct copy!
    I cant get a good .ac3 out of it, none of the ac3headace, beegeez, ac3 ac3 and all of that can use them! im only getting alot of errors, but it layes in the corrupt frame 1 and such!

    is there another tool for extracting, demuxing the avifile with ac3?

    tried virtualdub and nanodub, but none of them seems to work!

    on two movies!
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  8. For the below process to work I had to use the following file:

    Now all the files I extracted using VDUB are being accepted as true AC3 files.

    Originally Posted by Stinky
    Ok I've seen this question posted a lot lately so when I got my first DivX with AC3 I figured I'd list the steps in a quick users guide to help everyone else out.

    What you will need:


    Step 1:

    Open the DivX AVI in VirtualDub
    Under Audio make sure it's set to "Direct Stream Copy"

    Go to File-Save WAV... (select a location then hit Save)

    [what we're doing here is demultiplexing the AVI - we are seperating the audio stream from the video stream - by using 'direct stream copy' we do no ask VirtualDub to process the audio but just save it unchanged as AC3 to the hard drive]

    I will name my file audio.ac3 --- VirtualDub will save the file as audio.ac3.wav -- find the file once it's done exporting and rename it back to audio.ac3

    Step 2:

    Close VirtualDub
    Open HeadAC3he, hit the Source File button and find the exported audio.ac3 file (the one we just saved from VirtualDub)

    Hit the Destination File button and make sure it's going to save it in the directory you want - a 70 meg AC3 will become a 600 meg WAV file so make sure you have space!

    The default settings for HeadAC3he are fine - 2-Pass Mode / hybrid selected .... you can also resample to 44.1 kHz to make it easier on your VCD encoder

    hit Start and wait (it should take about 3 minutes for 45 minutes of AC3)

    thats it!

    Now you have your original DivX and the AC3 audio mixed down to WAV

    put them into your VCD/SVCD encoder and your ready to go


    How do I know if the audio in my DivX is AC3 ... first it won't play in Windows Media Player and two it will come up in VirtualDub -- File-File Information as "unknown" see the example below

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    Sorry to find faults, but the guide says ;
    "Convert A DivX with AC3 To VCD"

    But the only thing it seams to cover is saving out the audio and converting it to a .wav Which has already been covered by other guides.

    Now you have your original DivX and the AC3 audio mixed down to WAV
    put them into your VCD/SVCD encoder and your ready to go
    Why not just say in your guide;

    Convert the .AC3 to .WAV and then put them into your VCD/SVCD encoder and your ready to go No need for any explanation then ?

    KingJohns Guide AVI Audio

    For those people who are having problems with HeadAC3he it does say on the web site to download the DLL's you will also need to use with it.
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  10. I had two .avi xvid files that I joined in VirtualDub MP3 Freeze and then used Goldwave to save off the ac3 stream in a .wav file just fine. The problem comes when I encode to DVD format. I play the files in the VIDEO_TS folder in PowerDVD and it looks okay but the sound slowly gets ahead of the video and after 30 minutes the sound is 5-10 seconds ahead of the video. Any ideas why? I have used Ulead MovieFactory, CCE SP, TMPGEnc, and IfoEdit95 to encode to DVD format. The sound format is 48 KHz. Does this need to be 44 KHz to keep with the video?
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  11. Ok i am a newbie.. and i am a little confused once you sperate the audio from the divx movie, and done that process how do you combine them in tmpgenc????? or what are you susupose to do with that audio???
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    This was mentioned up front as being problemmatic, but I have never had a problem doing it like this (and so far ignorance is bliss:

    I take my DivX file with the AC3 audio and run it through decompress.exe (which is in the file). This takes only a few minutes on a fairly fast computer and adds "_pcm" to the end of the file name of the DivX file. Then I just use that blahblah_pcm.avi (as an example) file as the source for both the video and audio in TMPGenc and follow the normal process for making a VCD/XVCD. If the audio isn't 44,100 I just let TMPGenc fix it on the fly. So far I have yet to get a VCD or XVCD out of this process where the audio is out of sync (unless it was out of sync in the DivX file, in which case you can fix that with VirtualDub).

    I highly suggest you try this method before you go messing around with wave editors and such. Not that they won't work too - just that this method is so much easier and so far ... seems bulletproof.

    YMMV, etc.
    The shortest sentence is said to be "I am". The longest is "I do".
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  13. There are many, many tools, that are able to convert ac3 to wave.

    The point about using headach3e is, that headache is able to make a ProLogic II conversion.

    And if you do this proper, and if you do have the right equipment (meaning a reciever that is able of ProLogic II decoding and set of 5 speakers and a subwoofer) you will hardly notice a difference between this (mp2-Stereo sound, should be at 160 kbps) and the original DD 5.1-Sound.

    Give it a try - it's f***ing great!
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    I just used avidemux gtk, dUH

    this thread is old, so I thought: time for an UPDATE!!!!
    Looking for subtitles of: Hk tt0997023, Lime tt0269480, La cl sur la porte tt0077348. Found Desideria tt0081724 subtitle! :-)
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