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  1. When i want to play 4k "Lion King" i get huuuge frametime spikes with MPC-BE. When i play it with VLC there is no problem. When i play it with HPC-HC + madVR there is no problem. It doesn't matter if i use madVR with MPC-BE or the default one.

    I saw, that on these scenes my gpu clocks up, because of GPU usage. So i went to nvidia control panel and set MPC-BE to priorize high perfomance. I checked with MSI Afterburner and my RTX4080 was clocking constantly with full speed (memory and GPU). But i still got the same spikes. Then i went over to windows energy profile and use the highperfomance one, which let my 12400f CPU clock constantly at 4GHz or so. But still i get the same spikes.

    When i let my CPU and GPU clock on maximum, the usage from it is very low, but still i have the spikes.

    I don't understand that. I have tried to use the nightly and the normale (both portable) versions. Both have these spikes.

    Can someone help me out here?

    Here is a 10 second part of it, which you could use for testing (it is the part, where it spikes):

    Can someone reproduce that ?

    Edit: I did not overclock my GPU or sth like that.
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  2. Update: When i use the statistics in MPC-BE with standard renderer, i get following picture (attached picture).

    I think all values on the "sync offset" line are quite extreme. Also, they increase exactly, when the frametime-spike occurs. But i don't know, what is causing this problem and how i can solve it.

    Has anyone an idea how i can solve the problem?
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  3. I don't know what the problem is but I see the same spikes and jerky playback with MPC-BE. Not with other players. I'm using an i7 9900K and the iGPU, Win 10.
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  4. I found out, that the audio is the problem. If you change the audio-renderer to mpc, the video-spikes are gone, but then you realisze, that the audio "jumps".

    but i just use now another player for this source, because it appears only on this source.
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  5. Also, the problem only happens in MPC-BE when playing the German audio track.
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  6. ah yes you are right. But i will just use another player for this source, because i did not have problems with other sources.

    Edit: What does this remux do?
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  7. Sorry. I originally thought that simply re-multiplexing the video and audio fixed the problem. But later I noticed that it fixed the problem because only one of the audio streams was included -- one that doesn't show the problem to start with. I uploaded the file before realizing the issue, then forgot to remove it when I figured out what was going on and updated the text.
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