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    I am using VSDC to make a GIF and I want to adjust the scale and resolution. I found that I could not adjust the scale and dimension of the images. So I faked it. Using trial and error, I adjusted the size and position of the individual images of the gif.

    I did figure out how to make the images fade into the other by doing a transparent transform on each beginning and end of the image appearance on the timeline. Using trial and error, I adjusted the size and position of the individual images of the gif.

    Have you used VSDC to make a GIF? How did you handle these issues?

    My issue is not so much about creating a GIF. I was able to navigate through VSDC and figure out how to save a file as a GIF image. I also learned how to fade one image into another along the timeline. I also learned how to make the video loop.

    The only problem I am stumped on right now is how to make the canvas dimension match the size and scale of the image I place on it. How do I do that, please?

    This list is from

    Maybe I should be looking into one of these Video editor software tools for the generation of GIF's. Do you have any experience with these?
    Are any of these better suited for my needs apart from VSDE? Do you have experience with visual editors that address and solve my issue?

    I found this GIF editor online but I think this is for converting a completed video into a GIF. So it does not apply to my needs:

    Another angle to this is to not use a GIF at all because all of this is to animate images on a PowerPoint. Is there a way of doing this with PowerPoint and not use GIF?
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  2. Personally being on your place i would use ffmpeg to convert sequence (video) into animated (or not) gif.

    For embedding animation into presentation my assumption is that you can use other - regular video format like avi or similar so technically no need to use gif.
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