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  1. I have been using Topaz Video AI to enhance my DVD and Blu-ray collection. It only processes in rgb48le colorspace. Because of that, and the fact that it offers no suitable final video format output option, I output to PNG. I just need to convert from rgb48le to a BT.709 complaint colorspace for H.265. (Well actually it's much more needlessly complicated than that because Roku has been a bum about an issue they made years ago.) Okay so I really need to convert to some aspects of the colorspace thingie-stuffs to BT.601 to trick my Roku player into playing them correctly.

    What's getting to me is that I think I finally found the right zscale options, BUT THEY'RE NOT LISTED AS OPTIONS IN THE DOCUMENTATION! How do people learn the right options?!
    This reddit answer is what got me on the right track. They have the zscale portion of the command defined like this:
    min=gbr? That's not an option in the documentation. agamma=false? agamma is not listed anywhere!

    I'm sorry for the complaining tone of this post, but, how can I become an elite enlightened individual and know undocumented ffmpeg options?

    (For anyone that finds this looking for help with Roku's wrong colors, the options that worked for me are the same as the reddit answer but I change the output section to
    for Blur-rays and
    for DVDs. [Of course that probably only helps if you're using TVAI to upscale to FHD and have a love for using the command line interface.])
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  2. Similar to the answer in your other thread

    ffmpeg -h filter=zscale
    (It lists the available options, but the description(s) could be better)

    The online documentation is not necessarily verbose or complete, but sometimes at least a few examples are given . It's improved a million times over the state of the documentation ~10 years ago but still has a long way to go....
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  3. posiondethray answered my question in another post. Use the built-in documentation. Not the internet (so much).

    Edit: Didn't refresh fast enough. Knew you had the answer.
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