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    I don't see a specific section for this so I am posting it here.

    I want to be able to create transcripts from video and audio files.

    I was using a site named "freetranscriptions," but they have closed down.

    Does anyone know of a site, or software, or any facility in fact, where I can make transcriptions free of charge?

    Stuart Aitchison
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  2. There are many, just google. This one worked for me with an English video:
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  3. kdenlive works on multiple operating systems and has a speech recognition feature. I found it a bit of a hassle to set up properly (it has to download a bunch of stuff if you want Speech Recognition), but I eventually got there. Subtitle Edit works too (you have to download stuff to do it) but it is Windows only. I have tried some other apps which I found on github but the names escape me now.
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  4. users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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