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    Feb 2024
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    i want to download this movie from
    with ffmpeg or streamlink!
    i tried all heders Referer: and Origin: but not success
    and if i use direct link to download from browser it gives me error_wrong_ip
    i was able to download from it before but now no.
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  2. Feels Good Man 2nHxWW6GkN1l916N3ayz8HQoi's Avatar
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    Jan 2024
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    yt-dlp.exe --referer
    Edit: if you want to automate it
    curl -s "" \
    | grep -o 'sources:\s*\["[^"]*"' \
    | grep -o '".*"' \
    | tr -d '"' \
    | xargs ./yt-dlp.exe {} --referer
    Edit2: Why complicate things with commands lol. Just open your link, and right-click save video as mp4. It downloads your movie.
    Last edited by 2nHxWW6GkN1l916N3ayz8HQoi; 27th Feb 2024 at 03:09.
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