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  1. can someone help me?

    i've been trying to grab this and it's telling me "The 'file' scheme is not supported."
    (no login required)

    Idk what i'm doing this, thanks.
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  2. Feels Good Man 2nHxWW6GkN1l916N3ayz8HQoi's Avatar
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    Here's your link:

    How to download: USA proxy > use stream detector > grab master.m3u8 > download local > use N_m3u8 on it
    The video has closed captions included in it. Can be extracted with ffmpeg I think if you want srt.

    Edit: Apparently there's a hidden 720p version of that video. @Stabbedbybrick's answer is the proper solution.
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  3. Just use yt-dlp. It extracts the 720p as an added bonus:

    ❯ yt-dlp -F ""
    [aenetworks] Extracting URL:
    [aenetworks] /shows/where-is-wendy-williams/season-1/episode-1: Downloading JSON metadata
    [aenetworks] 2310044227602: Downloading JSON metadata
    [aenetworks] 2310044227602: Downloading hls_high_ak SMIL data
    [aenetworks] 2310044227602: Downloading high_video_s3 SMIL data
    [aenetworks] 2310044227602: Downloading hls_high_fastly SMIL data
    [aenetworks] 2310044227602: Downloading m3u8 information
    [info] Available formats for 2310044227602:
    hls-AAC-English mp4 audio only     │                  m3u8  │ audio only        unknown    [en] English
    hls-176         mp4 320x180     24 │ ~ 56.90MiB  177k m3u8  │ avc1.4d400c  177k video only
    hls-285         mp4 320x180     24 │ ~ 91.97MiB  286k m3u8  │ avc1.4d400c  286k video only
    hls-501         mp4 448x252     24 │ ~161.58MiB  502k m3u8  │ avc1.4d4015  502k video only
    hls-816         mp4 512x288     24 │ ~262.83MiB  817k m3u8  │ avc1.4d4015  817k video only
    hls-1121        mp4 640x360     24 │ ~361.09MiB 1122k m3u8  │ avc1.4d401e 1122k video only
    hls-1423        mp4 768x432     24 │ ~458.16MiB 1423k m3u8  │ avc1.4d401e 1423k video only
    hls-1931        mp4 960x540     24 │ ~621.63MiB 1931k m3u8  │ avc1.4d401f 1931k video only
    hls-2633        mp4 1280x720    24 │ ~847.68MiB 2633k m3u8  │ avc1.4d401f 2633k video only
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