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  1. Hello.
    I have a large mkv movie file (13.1GB - only one i could find) and the dts audio can't be read on my tv.
    I have the ffmpegGUI app with which I want to change the audio to something my tv will read,- aac maybe?
    Not sure what I need to do. Do I choose Multiplex or Audio or...? Any help appreciated. TIA
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  2. First you have to encode the audiostream from dts to aac or ac3, then remux the source video with the new created audiostream and without the original DTS stream.
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  3. Image
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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I see two dts audios in the source file info display:-
    Stream 0:1, Audio, dts, 6 Channels, 3286 kb/s, fre
    Stream 0:2, Audio, dts, 2 Channels, 767 kb/s, fre

    If I go to Audio option on Main page, under the Encode category I see Audio Stream option, then going there I have a Select Stream box in which I choose number 1 or 2. All this seems to do is change the dts value in the adjacent 'info' box from 3286kb/s (option 1) to 767kb/s (option 2).
    Or do I go to the Multiplex page and deselect the checked audio boxes on the left and then ...?
    Thanks for assistance.
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  4. 1) load your file
    2) click main
    3) click encode audio stream
    4) select 2 (the dts 2channels)
    5) click encoder
    6) select ac3 (or aac) and click encode.
    7) click multiplex, deselect the two dts streams on the left and click multiplex.
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  5. Thank you, sir! I would have your babies were I able!
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  6. Originally Posted by tecnofobe View Post
    Thank you, sir! I would have your babies were I able!
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    Usually when you rip your video there is an ac3 track there already.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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