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  1. Until a few days ago, I had a DVR receiver set up in a way that worked 9 years for me: HDMI to my TV while component to my HD PVR 2 which I connected to my old Win 7 computer with USB and used Hauppauge Capture to view/record on. I didn't have to split or unplug anything, both the TV and computer worked fine separately.

    Unfortunately, the cable company made us change our receivers and the new one doesn't have component output. I tried HDMI to connect the receiver to the HD PVR 2 but my Hauppauge Capture will only play a few seconds when I first turn the receiver on, with audio, and then it seems to just stutter and go black and silent. I'm not even able to get to the capture stage and if I try it's just a black screen.

    I've left all the settings as default, I think, there's not much to change as far as I know. I tried connecting the HD PVR 2 to my computer with HDMI but that didn't work either.

    Does anybody have any tips I could try before I go and buy an HDMI to component converter?
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    HDCP stripper may help.
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  3. Originally Posted by Bwaak View Post
    HDCP stripper may help.
    Okay, thanks! Ordered one.
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