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  1. Using the latest version of VLC Player for Windows, I am playing a series of videos in a tutorial and hit the "Next Video" button to scroll through my playlist. When I return to the original video, how do I get VLC to remember where it was playing and continue from the same place? There is a preferences option for "Continue Playing" and I set that to Always, but the video is always restarting from time 00:00.
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  2. Tools -> Preferences -> Interface -> Continue Playback? -> Always
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  3. "Continue Playback? -> Always"

    Yes, that is what I have set, but when I tab through a video playlist it is not remembering positions.
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  4. It worked when I exited and restarted the program. Maybe it doesn't work for playlist items?
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  5. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    It worked when I exited and restarted the program. Maybe it doesn't work for playlist items?
    I confirm after restarting that the setting for Continue Playback? is still "Always" and yet VLC Player does not remember prior position. Maybe it needs to work together with some other setting?
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  6. Ah, I think you need to have Tools -> Preferences -> Interface -> Save Recently Played Items enabled too.
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    Thank you Jagabo! I've had the same issue/question as pone44 and have been following this thread hoping for a solution. You're solution (post #6) was the key.


    Here's the procedure for VLC Media Player 3.0.18, the latest version for Windows 7.
    1) Open VLC Media Player.
    2) Tools > Preferences > Show settings > switch from Simple to All (at the bottom left)
    3) Click, Interface > expand Main interfaces > Qt > check, Save the recently played items in the menu (right side)
    4) Two lines down, next to Continue playback?, choose Always (right side)
    5) Click, Save (bottom right)
    6) Close VLC Player

    Now when you play an Audio/Video file with VLC Player, it remembers it's playback location and will resume from the same spot when you later choose to resume playing the file. I've noticed that this works for many files. However, it still doesn't Continue Playback for videos that are in Portrait orientation and occasionally for some files that are Landscape orientation. MOV files from iPhone won't Continue Payback.
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