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  1. I have a Canon ES8400V. I have about ten Hi8 videos I need to digitize. I had previously transferred them to DVD via a standalone DVD recorder. I recently purchased a ClonerAlliance Box Pro, and Id like to capture them again with this capture box. The camera has composite and S-video outputs. The composite output produces an inferior picture with the jagged stair step effect. The S-video picture is much better.

    The capture box doesnt have an S-video input. To avoid having to capture the videos via composite, I was thinking of connecting the camera to my Magnavox ZV457MG9 DVD recorder via the S-video, then connecting the HDMI out on the DVD recorder to the HDMI in on the Cloner box.

    Does it sound like this would cause any signal degradation? Im wondering if it would be better or worse than what Id get with a straight camera to Cloner box composite video connection.

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    Every conversion is a potential degradation. OTOH, you will be starting with a better quality signal and you will convert it to uncompressed digital using the DVD recorder. If you already have the equipment, why not try and compare?

    Expect negative comments regarding the cloner box. I can start At best, you will get 60.00p (not 59.94p) video pillarboxed in a 16:9 frame. Which device will perform deinterlacing? If this is what you are content with, I rest my case.
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