Hi everyone, I know this topic has been discussed many times but how its done always seems to be a little different.
What is the best format to save my old tapes at? I have been using AVI/ DV-AVI which I thought was basically the same, but recently I have seen other formats being suggested. My goal is to save with the lowest video quality lost as possible. Size isn't an issue. Recently I have been converting a few TC-30 tapes, so my process to do this is I put the TC-30 tape into a VHS-C adaptor and use a VCR to play the tape, then I have my VCR hooked to a Sony 8mm camcorder with the "pass-through" feature. Then I have the camcorder connected to my computer by way of the 1394 dv fireport. I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro to save the video files to my computer. Capture formats that are offered are DV or HDV. I always thought this was the best way to save my old video files without any lost of video quality. Am I correct in thinking this?
Thanks for the help.