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  1. Hello,

    I have some trouble with subtitles that are .sup (PGS) that won't show up when played with the movie.
    I have made subtitles with SE in the ASS format. Then i export them to BD subtitles (sup) in SE (Subtitle Edit).
    Mux them in a MKV with the movie.
    Subtitles appear to select in the BDtoAVCHD app. When i'm converting it to AVCHD they are not showing up in the movie. The are selectable in the menu, but don't show up.
    I'm using ass and not srt to convert to PGS because some subtitles need to appear in the upper part of the movie.
    Program says it can handle srt and PGS subtitles. Don't no what I'm doing wrong.
    Also subtitles are exported in the same resolution and framerate as the movie.

    [Attachment 77085 - Click to enlarge]

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  2. Ok think I found it, my subtitles are way out of screen (top and bottom subs). I had to lower my subs that or on top of screen so they appear on the screen and my subs that had to appear on the bottom I had to set higher in SE.

    So in BDSup2Sub I noticed they were way off, but to change every subtitle at the correct height one by one was to cumbersome, so I did this in SE.

    Going to burn to a RW dvd to test on my players.

    Select the big A (advanced substation alpha)
    [Attachment 77116 - Click to enlarge]

    select vertical to set height of your subtitles
    [Attachment 77117 - Click to enlarge]

    I save my subtitles now to ass or export them to BDN xml/png and make a sup file with bdsup2sub. Or convert my ass with sub2bd 0.93 to sup files that go with no problem.
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