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    hi, I'm from Cologne and a retro game collector and streamer

    I have an xrg framemeister mini for upscaling from analog to digital signals.

    So RGB Scart to HDMI I use 720p to send the image to OBS.
    But the HD60sPlus from Elgato uses 4,2,0 recording and according to the internal data sheet, the image is encoded in 4,2,2 by Framemeister.

    The problem with every second scanline is that part of the scanline is offset against the color underneath, so every second scanline is thinner and softer. And the scanlines for red and green are even worse than for white and gray tones.

    Since I use a Mac, the card should be USB compatible.
    [Attachment 77038 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 77039 - Click to enlarge]
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