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  1. I have successfully added chapters to an MKV file. The procedure is rather slow. Is there a better way?

    1) I manually view my video, making notes of where each chapter should go, in minutes and seconds.
    2) I input the data in MKVToolNix GUI's Chapter Editor. I save it as an XML file. I then use the MKVToolNix Multiplexer. I select my MKV video file and my XML file (in the Output tab).
    3) I render the new video with embedded chapter markers. There is not enough precision to get the chapters perfect, so I end up making millisecond tweaks to the Chapters XML file (several times). I remake the video multiple times until the chapters are perfect.

    It's a rather slow and tedious process. Is there a better way in 2024? Ideally I would like a video player or editor that shows Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds (not FRAMES), so I can get the timings 100% accurate from the first attempt (at the very least).

    Thanks for any help!
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    I've often thought how good it would be if MKVToolNix had a built in mini editor with a simple time line, to add chapters or move them. Also to be able to visually mark split points if necessary because it can only cut on keyframes.
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    MKV-Chapterizer will add chapters quickly but not precisely,such as every 5 mins or other times.
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  4. Analyze your video with virtualdub2, it shows the exact timestamps.
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  5. netmask56, yes a mini editor to create and adjust chapters would be fantastic.
    johns0, from your description it sounds like the app would be unsuitable for my uses.
    ProWo, thanks for the virtualdub2 suggestion. It seems to be Windows-only, so I looked for an alternative & found Avidemux. I downloaded the appimage and am running it on Linux. Avidemux shows milliseconds too! Fantastic. This will save me a lot of time tweaking in MKVToolNix GUI. I am happy with this.
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