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  1. What is the best procedure for improving the quality of the enclosed video clip please?

    Denoising, sharpening, and perhaps anything else that may be required to improve the quality of the clip (apart from downloading a better quality clip; this is not an option as the clip no longer exists I believe)?

    video clip link
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    My anti-virus is having kittens with pCloud.

    Best is to attach it to a post here. Click Manage Attachments, put it in one of the boxes, click Upload, then it will appear as an attachment to a post.
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  3. This looks like it was originally recorded as an analog TV signal (it has lots of analog artifacts) and has been re-encoded, perhaps multiple times.

    If your real goal is to read the license plate, there is no hope for that.
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  4. Here is the video clip for those having difficulty with downloading from pCloud.

    I realize that this is a fairly low quality and somewhat distorted clip, but I would like to see what improvement(s) can be made to this clip.
    Image Attached Files
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  5. I agree with johnmeyer, there are simply no details left in this,...
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