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    Let's just say I have 15,000 images. How do I select the first 7,000 images in File Explorer, XnViewMP, or some other program without having to manually select then or by dragging?
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  2. Click onto a file you want to start selection with, the scroll down to see the file you want to end a selection with and click on that file WHILE pressing "Shift" as well.

    If you want to exclude a file from that selection. Click on that file within selection WHILE pressing "Ctrl"

    This is a standard way to select or unselect files.
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  3. Do not attempt to upload somewhere 15.000 images though.
    It must be zipped in something. You see right here what nonsense it is. You rather upload original, cut, mp4, mkv, m2ts. The other party can easily download zip with original video cut(much smaller file) and gets PNG image really easy from any videoplayer etc. You upload file to one of those dedicated storage servers.
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