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  1. Hey guys ... A lot has happened in last couple of years. We now have VST/VST3 plugins that can create atmos height channels.
    I use Sound Forge or Adobe Audition to create 5.1 from stereo. I have a 5.1.2 sound system.
    I use an Sony AVR with AR speakers [front, subwoofer & the height speakers are the AR PL100 Ultra Slim] & Pioneer tower speakers for my back surrounds. Sounds great.
    But ... I want to learn how to open up a video or wav file that has 5.1 channels and use a VST3 plugin to create the height channels
    and then export it out and ... use the Adobe Media Encoder ... to create a mp4 or mkv video file with ATMOS sound.
    This is my idea ... my plan.
    I've got some Christmas home videos that I'm going to upmix to 5.1. And I can do that with Sound Forge and Adobe Audition.
    But ... I think I need to use Nuendo or Cubase or Davinci Resolve ... or PreSonus Studio One 6 to create the height channels using a VST3 plugin.
    But ... I need to figure out which one will do the job nice and simple and ... easy perhaps.
    I know it can be done ... the YouTube videos show it happening. But these instructors ... start in the middle.
    I need to see a file with 5.1 already in it and just add some ATMOS height channels to spice up the video.
    And create a video with ATMOS .... 5.1.2
    Come on ... show us how so we can make some really memorable home videos of our Halloween Parties by upmixing our
    simple 2 channel stereo to >> 5.1.2 .... I can do the 5.1 ... but I need help creating the >> .2 part.
    I'd like to try and use VST3 plugins to create the height channels. Sound Forge & Adobe Audition can't create Atmos height channels.
    They can load the plugins ... WAVDSP WDUpMix ... this plugin seems interesting. I'd like to try it.
    ... but I think I need to use Nuendo or Cubase or Davinci Resolve ... or PreSonus Studio One 6.
    Thank you ...
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