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  1. Originally Posted by Jay123210599 View Post

    Probably only the respective binaries . They are not common formats. The EMMA binaries in the link do not work for me .

    BMF works, but worse than jpegxl on anime frame 00214.png (converted to bmp for input)

    BMF max compression
    1,542,148 bytes

    JPEG-XL lossless max compression
    1,292,448 bytes
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    Rube Goldberg compulsion much?

    You are making all these left turns to avoid just doing a simple right turn.

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  3. And we have a winner for that frame, for max compression. I found a working version here, it's probably older that the one used in that link. But this version works

    EMMA 0.1.25
    1,059,665 bytes

    I verified decompressed output is lossless

    Not sure what you're using it for, but it takes a few minutes to compress and decompress 1 image. You can't really "view" them without decompressing them back to BMP . There is no commandline version either; you have to sit there and do them 1 by 1. Fun experiment, but probably not useful for real world

    Here is a recap

    00214.png from this thread was used as an 8bitRGB anime PNG test source
    1920x1080 8bitRGB anime png (vdub2 ?)
    2,211,480 bytes
    2,088,341 bytes
    2,019,688 bytes
    Acrobat PDF (jpeg2000 lossless)
    1,709,341 bytes
    Adobe jpeg2000 lossless
    1,677,374 bytes
    Webp lossless
    1,616,644 bytes
    BMF 2.01 max compression
    1,542,148 bytes
    JPEG-XL lossless effort7
    1,325,014 bytes
    JPEG-XL lossless effort9
    1,292,448 bytes
    EMMA 0.1.25 (Images (slow) preset)
    1,059,665 bytes
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