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  1. Hi,

    I seriously need help. I have a Panasonic NV-HS860, and recently it stopped working. I opened it up and found out that one of the plastic gears had teeth missing. I found missing teeth lying around and also one unattached spring. I ordered a new gear and installed it. I also guessed the placement of the spring and attached it back.

    The player now loads tapes correctly, but it won't play them. The motor is spinning; the tape is spinning, but there is no image, and it cannot be stopped, rewinded, or ejected. The time is going too fast. I got the image once, for like five seconds. Ejecting the tape is a big problem; the eject button is not working, but the tape is ejected on its own after some time. It is spinning even after I power down the player.

    I attached a video with this problem and some photos of old gear and the position of the spring so anyone can tell if it is in the right place.
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  2. Have you checked the Timing on the gears ? There are timing marks (Little arrows) on all gears, also holes that should line up with holes made on the chassis

    Watch this video:
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  3. I did not, but I checked them right now, and it looks to me that they are aligned properly.
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    Does this chassis use rubber belts?
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  5. Yes, it does. I disassembled it and assembled it again, and it works now. Maybe there was some misalignment with the control ring.
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