Hello All,

im trying to capture a video with a 60fps webcam and want to save a file which is played in 30fps of the fottage (slow motion). when i cpature the video. the timeline is halved and videodisplay is twice as fast e.g leaving 5s of 10s original video. In my understanding the video should either be played in slow motion or at least the in the same timeline when played in 60fps or dropping every second frame to compress it to 30fps. but what does virtualdu2 to double a 60fps video while displaying it in 30fps?
When i edit the Video with VD2 i can easily change the playback speed by changing the Video fps, but i would like the capured video already to be either 1. in slow motion 30fps or 2. same timeline (60fps or 30fps) what do i miss?

Capture pin: 60fps compression yuy2
video compression: x264 8 bit
disabled audio capture

when i enable the audio capture the timeline would be correct, so the video will be played in double time freezing at the halftime leaving only sound to be played until the end.

help and information is kindly appretiated bc i think i got a logic problem in understanding the VD2 program.