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  1. Hello and greetings.
    I'm located in European country that does not offer French TV on cable, neither have my own Satellite receiver and dish.

    That is why I'm asking politely (begging) if anyone can record France2 TV show (terrestial or sattellite), that will run on

    France2 Program "Taratata 100 % Live" 2024-02-02 23:00-02:30 CET. I'm especially interested in the part with Within Temptation concert.

    (EPG link: )

    Interesting, I have read that since this week France2 started 4k UHD broadcast, but standard 1080 TS would be very good too.

    "France TÚlÚvisions announced that it will be broadcasting its France 2 channel in 4K-UHD (Ultra High Definition) from tomorrow via digital terrestrial television (DTT) and simultaneously on the FRANSAT free-to-air bouquet, a subsidiary of satellite operator Eutelsat Group. "

    (news link: )

    Any hope?

    And yes, while this public tv say it will web-stream, it is 1080, however I'm not sure how compressed, so direct recording might look far better (bitrate...)

    Thank you all in advance, Videohelp forum is great and helped me once with the same bands' concert
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  2. I'll see what i can do, since i like that show. I only have HD not 4K.
    By the way i have plenty of old Taratata performances with artists like Oasis, Blur, Metallica, Coolio, Stevie Wonder etc.. some in HD, spanning from 93- up to now
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  3. Thanks, looks like I asked a real video collector. I don't think I've seen any Taratata before, certainly would be interested in some of them.
    So lets stay in contact, and hope you get this one recorded too.
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  4. themaster1 just a friendly reminder to record Taratata tomorrow at Friday evening. Thanks.
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