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  1. Want to convert a bunch of videos taken on a trip but want the converted files to keep the original metadata, in particular the original "date modified" since that's how I sort my files when viewing them.

    Handbrake does a great job converting videos in bulk, but unfortunately no option to keep original date. I have software that manually changes dates on files, but would take me a very long time to do that to a hundred converted videos down to the hour and minute.

    If you can suggest something similar to handbrake that does the trick I'd be thankful
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    Here's the issue with that: You are creating a NEW file when you convert, so you would expect it to have different time/date stamps, regardless of the similarity of the contents.

    What I suggest is that you incorporate into a batch script, along with the conversion task, something like this...
    for %% files in input folder...
    read create-timestamp to CT variable
    read modify-timestamp to MT variable
    read access-timestamp to AT variable
    convert file
    switch folder to output
    read CT variable and change create-timestamp
    read MT variable and change modify-timestamp
    read AT variable and change access-timestamp
    switch back to input folder
    next file...
    here is a link to powershell tools that can do this sort of thing:

    I'll leave it to you to tinker and fill in the details.

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  3. Thanks a lot!!
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