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  1. Hi all,

    after chasing 3 adapters, I am finally able to capture from my 20+ year old digital 8 camera. I was very happy to see Final Cut immediately recognizing the camera with video and audio.

    Once I started import, at first it seemed it was correctly creating individual clips from each time I started and stopped shooting. But most of the time it's actually making random short clips of a second or two.

    Do you know why what could be causing it?

    If there is no solution, it might be better to just capture the entire 60 second clip.

    Thank you
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    Huh, it seems it was not possible 12 years ago, which is crazy:

    Have you tried importing with QuickTime? If not, then some other tool/NLE like Premiere.

    Originally Posted by Alchroma
    Just tested Quicktime 10 and Quicktime 7, both work fine for capture and the resulting DV when imported to FCP X is one clip instead of the usual shot breaks.
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  3. Hi. Thanks for responding. Now it's possible to automatically capture each scene in a new clip (and might be the only current option with FCPX), but it's not what's happening. It's clipping within a scene. A scene of let's say 10 seconds, has 10 clips of 1 second.

    Someone mentioned it can be because the tapes are old and might not be playing smoothly, creating drops, and FCPX thinks it's a new scene. I don't know if that's the case.

    If I can't solve it, I guess will have to capture all 60 minutes with QT.

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