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  1. I have a large collection of ripped DVD TV shows. The files are VOB files ripped from the DVD, with 1 VOB file per episode. I would like to re-encode these to h264. I'm looking for something that can do this in batches, with a way to specify cropping parameters (to eliminate the old 90s TV overscan), and good quality re-encoding. What are the best options? Thanks.
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    You can add the videos one by one to something like VidCoder and adding the job to the queue.
    This works after setting up the encoding settings to do the autocrop.

    Also came across this script that works, but only one file at a time. Perhaps someone can modifiy it
    to work on a folder full of files, or mutilple files selected, drag and drop
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  3. Are all .vobs to be cropped the same? If so, I would suggest to specify the cropping explicitly as Autocrop sometimes fails (cropping too much in dark scenes, for example).
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