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  1. How do I convert PGS to other formats while keeping the same style and words? Is it possible to export them as raw subtitle files (and hopefully keep the same style) and then convert them? How do I batch convert multiple pgs files at once?
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    First thought, if you want to keep same "style & words", is there a particular reason to not convert PGS but instead just stay using this format? Again, it's widely supported.

    When converting nonetheless, keeping "style" to me means having same font types, look & feel and positions. So, what's your intention exactly?
    Subtitle formats can be roughly divided in two sorts: text-based and image-based.

    When converting to text-based subtitles (either as editable intermediate or target format), after the unevitable OCR and repair, you'd have to hunt down on matching font types. Positions can be cloned with BD3D2MK3D's "Subtitle positions cloning tool", note that it only works for XML/PNG format.

    As already said in your "Best Subtitle Format" thread, in case image-to-text isn't initially needed for, Subtitle Edit has a "SUP-converter" onboard. A non-OCR, image-based subtitle editor. Where I have mentioned a number of features/tools it offers. It's also able of converting between several sorts of image-based subtitle formats (handy for instance, to export XML/PNG as PGS, or vice-versa).

    As to converting PGS streams in general, it may help if you'd state what type of target format you're thinking of, and why.

    Batch-converting subtitles I really don't know much about. Maybe other people can chime in here.
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