Hi all,

Iíve been transferring Hi8 tapes to DVD. Iím using a Canon ES400V camera and a Panasonic DMR-EZ28K DVD recorder.

I bought a cheap S-video cable to connect my camera to my DVD recorder. I ended up with vertical streaks in my DVD recordings. The streaks are most prominent in red areas of the video. I played back the discs in my computer and several DVD players to make sure the issue was not limited to playback on the DVD recorder. The streaks were present no matter where I played the video.

Suspecting the cheap S-video cable to be the culprit, I bought a new Monster S-video cable and tried again. Same streaks.

As for the DVD recorder, I turned the line-in NR on and off and toggled the black control on the input from lighter to darker. These didnít eliminate the problem.

I also connected the camera to the DVD recorder via the composite yellow plug. The streaks were not present, but the picture quality was otherwise degraded, as I would expect when going from S-video to composite. The picture was less sharp and lines had the jagged ďstair-stepĒ effect.

Any ideas on how I can eliminate the streaks in the S-video signal?