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    We would like to make an mp4 that contains highlights from 13 years of video we took of our family mostly focused on our children.

    I converted everything to mp4 and have it all on a hard drive as well as a usb drive.

    My wife wants to decide what goes into the final movie but she is not very technical. I am thinking of having her go through all the mp4s and write down the time stamps where she wants me to use footage. Then I can take her notes and put it together using some video editing software.

    I used Moavi to video converter to convert everything I captured to mp4 so I was thinking of using their editing software but I haven't tried it yet.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for an easy to use video editing software for Windows 11 that I can use to easily select portions of the clips on a timeline and also add music.

    Also any general tips on things to avoid, things to do, that type of thing. I am new to this but I have done some simple video editing prior to this project.

    Thanks in advance.
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    There are so many video editors available today I can't really tell you what is best for you to use.
    You can try DaVinci Resolve the free version for example.
    Magix has a lot of video editors and they offer a lot of deals with discounts if you give them your email address when you try any of the video editors with free trials.
    What I can suggest after you have a final video (hopefully NOT on a DVD or Blu-Ray) is to add subtitles of the dialogues in those videos. It is a big help to HOH people and children to understand better what is being said.
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