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  1. Hi All,
    Looking for a bit of help with what my possible options may be. This is my 10th year using an app called One Second Everyday. I record videos on my android phone most days. Then after the year is over, I open the app, each day on the calendar will see any videos I recorded that day, I clip my 1 second, move to the next day. Apparently in July I accidentally switched my camera's video setting to record in 8k and the app won't support 8k clips. Is it possible to convert or edit all the videos and then re-import them to my phone so the app sees them as 4k?
    Thank you!!!
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    Yes it is. There are probably many methods including coding with FFMPEG, but for a GUI that works, Handbrake will batch-convert.

    Open the folder that has the all the 8k videos in it (Folder(Batch Scan)button);

    On the Dimensions tab, set the Resolution Limit to "2160P"

    On the Video tab, set everything as you like; for Quality, use either RF (try 18 to start) or Bitrate (experiment, but at least 12000 for UHD)

    Tools>Preferences>Output Files: set extension to Always use MP4, then Back

    In the Save As box, browse to a folder to export your 2160 conversions into;

    At the top, on the "Add to Queue" droplist, choose "Add All"

    Click "Start Queue".
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