Hello! First of all, I'm completely new here so excuse my incompetence when it comes to video and camera things

I recently bought an old camcorder, a Panasonic M7 to be precise. A real flagship model from 1987, with all sorts of special features. It records onto full-size VHS tapes, and I got some old home recordings to record on to. I didn't have time to playback any of my test recordings earlier than yesterday, and when I did, I saw that there was something wrong with the colors of the tape. See the link to see a snippet from the recordings.

The colors of the image stay like that regardless if I record to tape or playback from the camera to my tv. I eliminated the chance of the heads being faulty, since the old tv recording that continued after my own ones, didn't have that problem anymore. Besides, if I connect the camera via AV to my tv and have it as a monitor, the live camera feed has the same problems as the recording. Thus I know the tape isn't the problem either.

I have since thought about all sorts of possible problems and this is what I have come to as the last possible ones:
- There is something wrong with the white balance sensor or the picture capturing inside the camera
- The power supply is faulty (I have not checked with the battery pack since it's arriving in two weeks)
- A short, a loose connection or dirt in the wrong place (or all of them )

Do you guys have any ideas or guesses about what the problem could be? I think for now the main suspicion is the power supply. It could be that the camera works fine with the new battery, maybe?

Here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/yc7v5ErWzHA

Best wishes to all of you