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  1. Connected my ClearClick Video2USB yesterday for the first time. My old 8mm camcorder has just 1 combined audio/video plug into it. The output going into the ClearClick device is white for audio and yellow for video. So the red audio is not used. When I did my first video capture, the audio and video from my 8mm was captured fine. But oddly, any room noise was picked up in the recording. If I said 'test test test', it came out in the recording. If I lightly tapped on my Mac mini, the tapping came out in the recording. If I am not capturing/recording and just have the OBS 30.0.2 software open and make any room noise, you can see the audio meter ('Mic/Aux) moving.

    How can the room noise be captured in the recording and what can be done to stop it? I've wondered if I have some sort of microphone on w/ the Mac, but did not see anything. Is there a setting somewhere in the OBS app?

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  2. Not sure if I solved it. But I found an audio setting 'Mic/Auxillary' that was set to a value. I changed it to 'Disabled' and no longer see the audio meter moving. Any idea what is setting is for? Is it for allowing audio to be dubbed into the recording?
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  3. Microphones have a much lower output level than a line level (AUX) port. So a large (~20 dB) gain is applied to a mic input. Of course the loudness of the signal is amplified as well as the loudness of the background noise.
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  4. You can use two microphones - one directional and second omnidirectional and later subtract with proper weighting room noise - active cancellation - also microphone arrays work on similar principle and allow to reduce surrounding noise.
    Of course using proper settings (microphone preamplifier etc) is mandatory to achieve success.
    Proper mixer configuration in your OS is required (can't advise on this as i have no Mac experience).
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    That's not what's going on.

    As per the Video2USB manual, pg. 10, OBS should be configured for audio such the source chosen for audio is "Digital Audio Interface - ClearClick". My bet is that since you are seeing Mic/Aux, you are picking up sound from your computer's microphone.

    Yes, if you have one or more audio input options set to that in OBS, it could be used for dubbing/narration/commentary, etc.

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  6. Thanks!
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