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  1. Hi all...first post here and my goal is simply to provide some info for others wondering if the ADVC 110 is a viable option for capturing video on a Win 11 system. By viable I'm stating it works as advertised, I'm not at all addressing the quality of a 4:1:1 DV capture vs capturing in 4:2:2 using another option. I last used the 110 in 2010 to capture my family VHS tapes to a digital format. It worked; 30 VHS tapes converted to digital. I hadn't thought about the old videos until I saw an ad on TV about a Google phone that could manipulate videos using AI. That got me thinking about what could be done to improve the quality of my family videos. I plan to recapture the tapes now that I'm using a computer that is multiple times faster than the one I used in 2010. I found the 110 and realized the old PCI 1394 card would not work on the modern board with only PCIe slots. Ordered a new Firewire card, got it today, hooked up everything and...nothing. WinDV and VLC just kept showing error messages that weren't helpful. The 1394 card showed in Device Manager as did the 110 as an imaging device. I checked multiple sites such as this one reading about the woes of using Win 10/11 and thought maybe I had upgraded computers to the point the old hardware wouldn't work. I read about legacy 1394 drivers, then read that Win 11 does not need to have legacy drivers loaded. I then read another post on a site not nearly as popular as this one and found the solution...I needed to go to Privacy & Settings > Camera and turn on "Let desktop apps access your camera". Turned that switch to "On" and presto...ADVC 110 works perfect. I've added an attachment to show system info and shots showing that both WinDV and VLC recognize the inputs and also shows exactly which 1394 card I purchased as there are discussions out there concerning TI vs Via chipsets; this card uses Via. Bottom line, if you're reading this because you either have, or might be considering buying a used ADVC 110 and are wondering if it will work on Win 11 (23H2, newest version) to capture as DV 4:1:1 (NTSC) or 4:2:0 (PAL) files, yes it can.

    With that info passed, I'll now say I plan to recapture all the tapes using a USB device instead of the ADVC 110. This is because after spending days on this site and others, I've decided to capture in 4:2:2 lossless so when I finally select what AI tool to use to enhance the videos, the AI engine will have as much raw data as possible with which to do its magic. Thanks to all that have posted explaining the benefits of capturing to 4:2:2...I now have a great excuse for spending 100s of hours playing with a new hobby!
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  2. what AI tool are you using? and what exactly does it do?
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  3. Why not do a 20 second capture of the same content with both a 4:2:2 USB device and the ADVC-110 and feed both to your AI and post samples of the results? On paper, 4:2:2 should be better, but I always like seeing proof, not promises. I plan to do some of my own testing eventually on just the actual capture difference, but would be curious to see if it really matters to the AI in how well it processes things.

    Would be even more interesting to do a recapture of one of your tapes again using the ADVC and compare it to the same capture you did 13 years ago and post a clip of each - I'm always interested in whether VHS really does "degrade" as much as is theorized. Of course storage conditions do matter, but theoretically your captures from 13 years ago may be better than what you are able to do now and the AI might do even better with those.
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