Hello. I have SONY UBP-X700 player connected via HDMI switch Speaka 6x2 to TV. No problem. I replaced the switch with 16-port TEsmart HSW1601A1U. And now I have problem playing BluRays on player (DVDs are ok). There's a Digital Output Setting. When set to Auto, there's no sound at all, when set to PCM, I hear only track with noises, but no speech. There are other devices connected to switch capable of playing BRs. : XBOX-X & PS5, the same result - only track with noises is heard. But I have another BR player (LG) and there is no problem. Speech is heard. I am at a loss. The new switch has no setting concerning sound. It wasn't cheap. Hard to believe it has such issues. Or could it be the TV's (a rather old Samsung) problem?
Also tried replace HDMI cable, no luck. Thanks for any suggestions.