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  1. I'm playing with some of the deblocking and upscaling tools in vapoursynth. I got a very poor quality source which has been encoded with the levels crushed, so a lot of detail has been lost. I'm attempting to restore some level of detail by deblocking then adding grain which has been removed I assume.

    Currently DFTTest seems to work ok for deblocking, but it's not perfect.

    clip = haf.SmoothLevels(clip, 8,1,235,0,220,chroma=1)
    clip = vs.core.dfttest.DFTTest(clip, sigma=64, tbsize=3)

    Is there anything that can do a better job? I've attempted to use vsdpir but I can find no working tensorrt for python 3.11.

    Any tips for improving the levels would be great as well.

    [Attachment 75934 - Click to enlarge]

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  2. I've discovered f3kdb.Deband which seems to do a great job. I think this is about as good as I'm going to get from the source. If anybody has any more suggestions to improve things "detail" wise I'd be keen to hear the ideas.

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  3. has a TensorRT which works fine with Python 3.11.
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  4. Thats working thanks for that!
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