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  1. Hi guys! Recently I was given this Snell&Wilcox HD104 video switcher. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a manual. I tried to find the manual through the web archive on the Snell Wilcox website (the company was bought out by Grass Valley a long time ago and the old website was inaccessible). But I didn’t find any information about this video switcher either in the web archive on the closed Snell Wilcox website or on the Grass Valey website. Perhaps someone has a manual in electronic or paper form and is able to scan it. All the best and thanks in advance for your help!

    I will also be very grateful if anyone can send me a link to the distribution kit for the RollCall virtual control panel. On the GV website I could not find a section with downloads, only with manuals where this panel is mentioned. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Guys, in general, the video mixer, as I understand it, is completely new. Well, that is, from the word “absolutely”. I opened the envelope with the floppy disk. I connected both blocks. Plugged it into the network. And nothing... Only two LEDs are on and show that electricity is coming from the power supplies (yes, for some reason there are two of them for the mixer and one for the mainframe). In theory, the screen on the mixer should work, but you can only see that current has come to it (it has become lighter), but there is no information on it. The buttons don't light up either. An attempt to get an image on a monitor connected to the program output from at least one input (the camera was connected in series to all 8 inputs, output settings 1080i50) was unsuccessful. True, I have not yet connected the mixer via a local network to a computer with the RollCall program. Question: when you turn it on for the first time, should it be that nothing is lit and you need to configure all the buttons via RollCall, or do I still have a dead (albeit new) video mixer?
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