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  1. I captured DV tapes over Firewire with VRecord. VRecord does not have an option to change the levels coming off of DV tapes. It simply packages the DV stream precisely as it comes off the tapes into a .dv wrapper. Some of the tapes have color bars. When I view the files using FFPlay's waveform display the black bar in the color bars is elevated above digital 16 at 7.5 IRE. Supposedly DV recordings were never made with analog setup. Is it possible that some DV family of camcorders had an option to add it? Can anyone explain this? Thx.
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  2. You may want to take a look here. There are cameras mentioned which do it right or wrong. Applies for "NTSC" only, anyway.
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    never heard of vrecord, and i've transferred a lot of dv. windv is the gold standard.
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