I recorded a video on my iPhone 14 Pro Max with the following settings:

4K 60, SDR, HEVC.

The 'lock white balance' option was disabled (maybe it should have been to avoid this problem?).

The issue is, at random points in the video, the color temp (if I'm explaining this right since I'm just a super amateur) goes from cold to warm and back very rapidly. In some scenes, it's literally every 1-2 seconds for about 20 seconds and is SUPER annoying. It's video of my kids opening Christmas gifts and the room is white so the constant color shift is very noticeable. One second, their skin tones and the wall is normal, the next second, their faces and wall has this VERY faint warm/red/orange tone then it instantly snaps back to 'normal'.

This link https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254759447?sortBy=best explains what is happening I think.

I have a Windows PC. Is there any way for me to bring this into something like Davinci Resolve and apply some filter to the entire video and make it stay in the cool temp range?

Also, I'm guessing this might cause the video to get re-compressed. This is a 4K video with a bit rate in the 100Mb/s range. Whatever needs done, what encoder settings are needed to keep as much video quality as possible?