I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Rayman for PS1, Toys VS Nightmares for PC flash, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, and Crisis Beat all utilize some sound effect files from The Cartoon Trax 1. And right now, I'm trying to locate the source of Crisis Beat's "anime-style" sound effects (the kind we heard in Alvin Earthworm's Super Mario Bros Z). Thanks to this, I'm getting better at expanding my vocabulary knowledge in terms of sound effect names (E.G, the sound that cues when an object appears in Rayman is a cartoon xylophone and Rayman's running sound is a cartoon horse galloping in Cartoon Trax 1.) Now I can better visualize how these sound effects got their names when they were first created.

So now I know where to begin my search for the sound effects from my past to today! But there's a glitch: some of these albums don't appear on Source Audio. - Either that... ...or they are available via that site, but it's just that Sound Ideas renamed the album(s). So I need the names of all the old albums that correspond to the current albums so I know what to expect during my search.

Also, I need the links to any "private" sound effect libraries - ones that aren't available for just anyone to purchase.

Here are the sound libraries I've been logging since I first began digging through my favorite TV shows, movies, cartoons, and video games: DePatie, DFE, Disney, Elektra Records, Famous Studios, FOX, Star Trek: Original TV Series, Joel Valentine, Hacienda, Hanna Barbera, Horta, Horta Hacienda, Alex Fresno, BBC, Bob Clampett, Harry Bluestone, Nickelodeon, Nelvana, New Warner Bros, NTWK, OMI, Pro Sound Effects, PSEL, Rocky and Bullwinkle, 20th Century Fox, Audio Effects Co., Rich Harrison, Mark Mangini, Richard L. Anderson, Skywalker, Warner Bros, Turner Entertainment, Unknown Sound Effects Library, and Valentino.

Please help find the libraries in the above paragraph if you can. And also, I need the SFX libraries used by Alvin Earthworm in his Super Mario Bros Z series (machine gun, chaos emerald glows, Koopa Bros power up with the chaos emerald for their special formation attack, dashing, explosions, punches, kicks, land/fall/hit on a hard surface, death ray, rocket blast offs, special attacks, Koopa Bros thumbs up, Axem Black and Green join to make a axe attack etc.).

It's imperative I get it in their original unedited sound file form and in MP3 as .wav is too big and .ogg could crash certain programs like Vegas Pro.