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    Years ago, i ripped an UNPROTECTED DVD to .avi, but forgot how. I have some UNPROTECTED DVD's that i wanna watch on my Samsung HDTV. My Samsung doesn't play mp4. It only plays avi. What's the best free software to do this?

    Happy Holidays, everyone!
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    Probably a few ways to do it, even today.
    AutoGK - takes care of everything, inverse telecine, frame rate, deinterlace, etc. (Not sure if it runs on recent Windows)

    Or using recent software MakeMKV and Xmedia Recode. Use MakeMKV to create a lossless MKV of the main movie.
    Then use XMR to convert to DIVX Avi/Mp3. But you'll need to take care of the stuff I mentioned above manually
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  3. For unprotected DVDs you can also use clever Ffmpeg-GUI to rip the movie and elaborate it further.
    It's small, portable and doesn't need installation.
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  4. One would have to reencode the DVD rip (mpeg2) to mpeg4 part2 (=mpeg4 visual) for .avi.
    It can be done with ffmpeg, like
    Replace the input file by your ripped file (*.mkv in case of ripping the DVD with MakeMKV).
    Using a GUI which does it may be simpler though.
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  5. Originally Posted by snafoo View Post
    My Samsung doesn't play mp4. It only plays avi.
    Could you specify the exact model of your Samsung HDTV?
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  6. If your TV plays MPG files: VOB2MPG
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