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  1. Hi all.

    Just a quick message to say merry Christmas, and that I find the community on the page so helpful, in which in many ways, members go out of their way to offer tutorials, and to offer assistance. I wouldn't know half the things I know about streaming, and downloading, had it not been for this group.

    We really have nice community here!
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    Yep, thanks to everyone that help other anonymous users.

    I'm not that helpful though. Other than banning spammers.

    Merry Christmas
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  3. Here are the best! THANK YOU ALL! Happy New Year!
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  4. I want to reiterate my post, rather than open a new topic.

    I have learnt so much here, people are always willing to assist, a lot of people into tech, whilst brilliant are often short tempered, and don't have the patience for newbies, I have learnt so much, and everyone here is just so patient.

    This site really is one of the best on the internet.

    Thanks once again guys.
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