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  1. Very frustrated with all these errors and having to try to explain them.

    I reinstalled Subtitle Edit from videohelp- v. 4.01 that I had on before.

    My target MKV now has no sound. The peculiar thing is the file starts up at O volume repeatedly so I had
    to be reset each time. Setting the volume to max did not help.

    I loaded a different MKV and the volume worked ok.

    So I mounted my backup HD which (since not changed) plays ok and does not require resetting each time.

    I don't know where to start on such a thing. I have a working system, I need to fix what is now a non-working backup.
    I've never had an audio problem in SE before.
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  2. Solved.

    This thread above gave a hint as to what took my sound off after reinstall.

    I had Direct Show set rather than the button for MPV at screen top during the reinstall process. I thought I had verified all that but....

    But I still don't know how Direct Show functions as an engine in Subtitle Edit, or how to install NLC or MPC-HT.
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    Directshow works for most users, that's why it's the default...
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  4. Originally Posted by davexnet View Post
    Directshow works for most users, that's why it's the default...

    thanks dave,

    ok, well I'm not messing around any more.
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