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  1. In the YouTube documentation, it is recommended to upload mp4 files with H.264 and AAC streams. But I don't want to do that, because I prefer to upload mkv files with H.264 and PCM 24 bit streams.

    My question is: are there any disadvantages or repercussions if I deviate from what YouTube recommends, and upload mkv instead of mp4? Are there any good reasons to choose mp4 instead of mkv for uploading?
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  2. upload 10 seconds and see if they accept it

    you already did it

    Originally Posted by codemaster View Post
    Are there any good reasons to choose mp4 instead of mkv for uploading?
    because they say so
    make video everyday
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  3. I know that uploading mkv works. But why would they recommend only the mp4 container, instead of recommending more than one, such as mp4, mkv, and mov? Why don't they recommend a container that allows lossless audio, so that the audio will not be encoded twice?
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    Probably because they don't want to confuse or make things more complicated; it's no doubt targetted at the general riffraff, not power users who know what they are doing.

    In any case, YT doesn't actually specify the container, only the codec here:

    You can have H264/AVC in the MP4, MKV and MOV containers; I doubt that YT would care what container the video was in.
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