Can anyone please help me out? I'm trying to make a DVD with audio and subtitle options using DVDStyler but when it comes to adding the Chinese subtitles, it just won't work.

Already, I've figured out how to add multiple audio/language tracks and there are also multiple subtitle tracks working too. My subtitles are synced properly, they are saved as a UTF-8, I import the subtitles into DVDStyler and change the Charset to UTF-8 as everything I'm finding says I should.

With more research, I found someone suggesting I change that charset to ISO-8859-1 but that didn't work so I tried ISO-8859-1 through ISO-8859-16. Nothing it working. Painstakingly, I've tried every single charset! It delivered various export errors and wrong characters. Each error code is different but the most common error I'm getting is "ERR: Error 42 -- Illegal byte sequence -- decoding subtitle file at approx line pos 1 + char pos 185 Failed" The char pos number changes each time. Sometimes it's 30, sometimes it's 50, in this case it was 185. Just all over the place.

The closest is UFT-8 with it's underscores and seemingly, just missing characters. I've tried several different fonts too but Arial should be able to handle Chinese characters as it's the default font and that's the font VLS uses.

Now at this point you probably think the file is corrupt but when I manually import the subtitles to VLC, they show up correctly so the SRT file does work. It worked in Premiere too. It's worked for English, French, German, and Spanish but does not work for Chinese.

TL;DR - I can make everything work on DVDStyler except Chinese subtitles and I've exhausted every option manually but I still need help, please!

So here are some screenshots to help with the issue. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Or do you know of another DVD authoring program that allows fully customizable DVD menus? I need to have a video background with music, the ability to divide into chapters, allow language options and subtitles, as well as adding additional pages for extra videos. I've already tried DVDFab and it can't do what I need.

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